Jordan F

Jordan F – Set Me Free (feat. Morilla)

If you listen to Nu Disco, Synthwave, or any “wave” you probably know Jordan F. He has produced some of the finest, synth drenched jams out there. “Set Me Free” is dripping in night vibes with a dark lead and pulsing bass. This quickly turns as the vocals kick in, courtesy of Midnight Pool Party‘s … Read more


Nico’s “Sentimental” EP

Debuting in it’s own record label, Nicolas Saavedra a.k.a Nico comes with his own interpretation of house. This 3 track EP is a journey through melancholy and excitement; from a Rhodes piano with a deep bass in ‘You’re my love’, an acid baseline with a transatic groove in ‘Enjoy yourself, to a frenetic organ with … Read more

Roman Kouder

BLV – My Girl (Roman Kouder Remix)

Groove master Roman Kouder is notorious for producing infectious, groove inspiring tracks that are always a pleasure to hear. I personally play out his tracks often and never hesitate to give them a “heart” before hearing them. This latest remix is no exception. Featuring a smooth, laid-back, and sexy groove. This song is more of … Read more


NDYD Premiere: Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA – Surrender (ES.P Remix)

It’s raining pineapples and flamingos in Miami right now thanks to one of Florida’s most talented producers: Sam Plessett, who is a regular in Miami’s nightlife under his moniker “ES.P”, took on Gavin Turek’s and TOKiMONSTA’s latest single “Surrender” and infused it with the vibe of the 80s when Scarface ruled town. We instantly wanted … Read more


Duesenberg – Liquid Blue (Original Mix)

Looking for the perfect night for a cool Winter evening? Look no further than here because the latest from Russian duo, Duesenberg. I’m a huge fan of the Russian Nu Disco scene. Artists like Duisenberg as well as Kolomensky have created some lush and quality productions recently. “Liquid Blue” is a slick and sexy cut of … Read more


FINAL DJS feat. Bright Light Bright Light – Lost In Feelings

FINAL DJS is at it again. This time it’s a return to his Synthwave roots with “Lost In Feelings” which features Bright Light Bright Light. This track is a high quality production which hosts a classic sound. It starts off with a slow build, full of dreamy synths and seductive vocals. Quickly, the song swings into a … Read more

Mercury Logo Nomada-1

MERCURY gets tropical with MARINA

Having past more than 2 years since their debut EP “We are Mercury”, the Colombian band strikes with their new EP ‘MARINA’, which brings the possibility to imagine a new tropical sound different than their previous attempts, using percussions from all over the world and syncs, creating magnificent atmospheres , disco influenced bass lines and … Read more


Alpha-Beta feat Rust Never Sleeps – Slap Me

The latest track from Russian based “Alpha-Beta” is a fun song titled “Slap Me“. Featuring Rust Never Sleeps, Slap Me is break away from the typical, bass heavy sounds featured prominently these days. One part retro, one part modern, Slap Me is a sleepy and sexy cut of Disco that is irresistible. Beautiful synths and … Read more

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Four Ways to Listen to Nu Disco on Your Smartphone for Free

The typical EDM fan might not love nu disco as much as sub-genres like house or trance, but after closer examination, it would seem that more electro producers across EDM are paying tribute to the 1970s disco era, especially progressive house DJ Dillon Francis. The bridge between two completely different genres is seeing the nu … Read more