Hator Records pres. Elektromekanik – Deep Space Nine (+ Mars & L’Aquarium-Remix)

Looking at the remixers and the composer of this release already sets its own standard. Elektromekanik is one of the top names of 2014 and his productions constantly are on a high level. Our friends from Bosnia, Hator Records, are also renowned for their great output. Being formed in 2013, the label quickly made its way into the Nu Disco-scene.
On the remix front, we have Mars as well as NDYD-booking artist L’AquariumThey both adjust the original version with their own vision and make this a very fine release.


You can listen to Elektromekanik’s NDYD Exclusive Mix right here:

Back Back Forward Punch

Back Back Forward Punch – Big Time & Up Late In The Jungle (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The Australians from Back Back Forward Punch have been around for a minute. Longtime followers of NDYD know by now that we have a soft spot for our Australian friends in general for they supply a vivid and high-quality Disco-scene. Our friend CC:Disco once mentioned that Aussies keep it that real, that they don’t allow CDs or computers at certain clubs. Anyways, BBFP are back with two stunning singles. It’s hard to say which one is superior for they are both stunning. Upflifting 80s vibes paired with Chromeo’esque finesse and nouveau l’ecole elements.

We advice you to jump over to SC and show some love. Did we mention that the songs are available as FREE DOWNLOAD?

NDYD Radioshow Episode 13

NDYD Radioshow on D3EP Radio (25.11.2014)

The Nu Disco Your Disco show aired today on the d3Ep Radio Network. Host Ricardo Torres made sure that people got some of the finest tunes that have been put out recently – as he always does.

Next week the show returns with another guest mix. This time from J.Davs out of Sweden.

If you ever want to catch the show live you can at these world times:

– PST (ie Los Angeles) Tuesday 7pm
– EST (ie Miami) Tuesday 10pm
– GMT (ie London) Wednesday 3am
– AEST(ie Sydney) Wednesday noon

You can tune in at www.d3ep.com and use the build in player (works on mobile too) or the other options (such as iTunes). The d3ep soundcloud page is at @d3epradio

Find episode 12 with Mr. Bootsauce right here:

Does Soundcloud turn into Sauerkraut and where should we head to?

Spolka1 Does Soundcloud turn into Sauerkraut and where should we head to?

Soundcloud turns into Sauerkraut

A music enthusiast on this globe probably discovered Soundcloud over the last years and made it grow to a hub for original tracks and remixes by artists and of course mixes by DJ’s.
Once created to serve the needs of users for a place to share their creations and to discover others, the mainly free-running Soundcloud from the glorious past is quickly turning its back to a big chunk of their initial users due to the recent developments between them and the big music industry companies.

Why Soundcloud’s popularity did grow over the years?

Probably because it didn’t care that much for copyrights and therefore tons of un-official remixes and millions of DJ-mixes appeared to be safe when uploaded to Soundcloud.
The word spread and we jumped also on that train, starting to upload content over the last four years, enjoying the growth of users and contributions as well the support by producers, DJ’s and first but not last, music-loving fans.

With the immense pressure by all those big labels, coupled with a 29-million dollar loss, it’s a safe bet that the future of Soundcloud looks dim and while we hope to go on with uploading music to this popular platform, we do know that we may be forced to switch to another upcoming platform to continue our service to “our” people, our heads that like what we do and share the same passion for disco-influenced music.

We all experienced the changes that have been made over the last year at Soundcloud and many of you voiced their opinion about it on social media, while some left already for good towards Mixcloud, Hearthis or simply stopped putting up music all the way. The NDYD-crew is feeling you and we won’t stop but now comes a time to look around the web for the right place to move to. No, we won’t abandon “Sauerkraut” completely as we do like some sauerkraut here and there as Germans and we built a good base of followers there, but we need to explore also new ways to get you the latest in mixes and tracks from your favorite producers and DJ’s without all the recent problems we discover daily using Soundcloud.

With our website up and running, NDYD is slowly building a place where we can share our thoughts, opinions, videos as well first and foremost music but we would love to know where you would like us to focus on having our mixes published in the future.

Unlike Soundcloud, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more of those big players, we would like actually involve you in making decisions and want you to let us know where you would like to listen to the latest NDYD-output, whether it’s Mixcloud, Hearthis, Youtube, Podomatic or another place, tell us about it so we continue to serve as your hosts for disco-music on the web!

Yours truly,

The NDYDiscotecanos


Tropicool and Peitzke

Tropicool x Peitzke – Cool Cat (Free Download)

Sunny beaches, beautiful people, lovely music, Compton and South Central. That’s LA, the city of angels. There ain’t a lot of places where you can find Nu Disco being aired with such a regularity as in California. It’s probably the dream city for NDYD-followers. Just have a brief conversation with Kris Santiago or Ricardo Torres.

Tropicool is a L.A.-resident as well as a well-known DJ of the area. Mainly, you can find him DJing there week in and out. After having released several free tracks and great mixes, the young man decided to team up with Peitzke to lace a rather beautiful as well as moving tune, that might take us into next summer. Just hit that play button and download this gem for free.

NDYD Discover Dat

NDYD Discover Dat I (Ft. Wantigga, Pat Lok, Reflex, DJ Cam, Dim Sum, ESTA)

Let us welcome you to our weekly section “NDYD Discover Dat”. Herein, we will offer you some fine tunes that have gotten us through the last days. These might serve you for your sets or your pure listening pleasure. It’s basically up to you, what you’re using these gems for. Here are this weeks picks:

Pat Lok – Could Be Mine (Ft. Patrick Baker) (Wantigga Remix)
It certainly does not get much better than this. Wantigga, a dutch mastermind when it comes to discovering new vibes in House and Disco as well as re-disovering RnB-gems (Dwele, Musiq Soulchild,…), took this Pat Lok-joint to a whole new level. Squeaky basslines, Patrick Baker’s usual tight vocal performance. Best thing – it’s free.

Reflex – Summer in Paris (DJ CAM Remix)
We can already imagine people wilding out to this one on the terrace of the Wanderlust next season. When you pair a beautiful vocalist like Reflex and the funkiness of DJ CAM, it’s obvious that you have proper talent on your hand. And “Summer in Paris” surely lives up to its contributors’ reputation.

Foster The People – Best Friend (Dim Sum Remix)
If you ask Malibee, he’d name Dim Sum amongst his favorite producers from 2014 just because they laced this special remix for Ou Sont Les Filles? No denying that the “Mon Bain”-remix ranks amongst the best tunes of 2014 but their take on “Best Friend” is equally beautiful though it offers a different outlook. More tropical, more funky maybe. Did we mention that it’s a free download?

Dreamon – One For The Night (Prod. ESTA)
Drake facing some serious competition by Dreamon? We wouldn’t go this far but one of our favorite Soulection-producers, ESTA, composed a beautiful Lovers Trap-composition for the vocalist in charge. If you as us, this is how proper RnB should sound in 2014. Proper Future stuff.

Soulspy NDYD Exclusive

NDYD Exclusive || SOULSPY (Exclusive Mix)

Soulspy (Hasan and Ali) are not only known for their stellar R&B remixes but also for their regular appearances in Berlin’s exciting nightlife. Being around since 2010, the duo is constantly providing funk, disco and soul music to their loyal audience.

Catch them in Berlin at:

27.11. SOLAR
28.11. Tomasa
29.11. Bellini Lounge Cocktail- und Weinbar
01.12. The Grand
03.12. Löwenpalais
05.12. Bellini Lounge
06.12. Jagger Club

Soulspy on Soundcloud

Deep Sense

Deep Sense presents “1st Voyage”

Our Mexican friends at Deep Sense will release their latest compilation this week. After banging releases by Rafael Fernandez (“M&P&R”) and Sould Out (“Holding On”), they combined some artistic vision from 80s Child Edits, Wonkar, TVine, Thomas Malo, Evil Smarty, Rafael Fernandez, Tom Hooker, Disco Tech, Barbie, Jefferson Celestino and Chuggin Edits. It’s really hard to pick favorites on this homogenous compilation for all tunes are useful at one or another moment but TVine kills it with “It’s A Mystery To Me”. Thomas Malo‘s “The Damage Is Done” shall be a useful tool for all Nu Disco lovers while the rest of the compilation offers some awesome 80s editing. Have a listen – you certainly will enjoy this one.


You can find three of the contributors of the compilation as guestmixers on NDYD as well:

Malibee for Slightly Transformed

Malibee Mix for Slightly Transformed

Our very own Malibee laced an Exclusive Mix for Ash Reynolds‘ new label Slightly Transformed.
The mix offers a bright variety, going from Slow-Mo House over to Nu Disco, all the way to Disco Edits while ending with a bit of Futuristic House. As usual, it’s a free download. Tracklist below.

Here’s the tracklist:

1.) Harrison – Creps
2.) Basement Love – Too Young
3.) Basement Love – My Heart
4.) Figgy – All That I Need
5.) Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (DiscoRazor Remix)
6.) Janet Jackson – Someone To Call My Lover (Pacifiq Remix)
7.) Ben Macklin – Dare (Ft. Emma Brammer) (Le Flex Remix)
8.) Imagination – So Good So Right (B G Baarregaard Remix)
9.) Wonkar & Casual Connection – I’m The Best
10.) Boogie Down Edits – Do 4 Luv
11.) Dr Packer – Don’t Force It
12.) Kraak & Smaak – Back Again (Ft. John Turrell) (Hot Toddy Remix)
13.) Dr Packer – Groovin Behind
14.) Alien Disco Sugar – Blows My Mind
15.) Mylo – Drop The Pressure (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
16.) Kimbra – MIracle (Bag Raiders Remix)
17.) Mikos Da Gawd – Love

Venice Beach NDYD Exclusive Mix

NDYD Exclusive || VENICE BEACH (Exclusive Mix)

Discover planet disco with Paris-based duo Venice Beach.
The charismatic duo is currently buzzing on social networks thanks to their stellar output of disco edits and remixes.

Jay & Dee are known for their collabos with artists such as Escort, Moon Boots, RAC and Space, their dj sets get crowds dancing in the trendiest venues from Washington D.C. to Tunis via the Wanderlust in Paris, the latter one know being the un-official temple of disco.