Five Q’s for DiRTY RADIO (NDYD Interview Series)

DiRTY RADIO from Vancouver, Canada consists of Shaddy, Tonez and Waspy and are now also on the radar of us Europeans thanks to Jean Tonique’s latest track for Partyfine Records’ second sampler that came out two days ago. I had the chance to get the guys’ attention for a quick game of questions and answers, … Read more

You're Not Mine

Vanilla Ace gets “Discofied” with “You’re Not Mine”

I wanted to share a remix I did recently of “You’re Not Mine” by Vanilla Ace aka Sam Young. Being a fan of his, I wanted to make sure this mix was something good. I like to re-work tracks in different ways and give them new sounds. Sometimes, remixes can still sound quite similar to … Read more


NDYD’s Mojito Mondays – First Five For The Week 17

Let’s get this straight. I never liked being in Germany during summer. Don’t ask why until you have checked the current weather forecast. Plenty of mojitos to drink in order to overcome such a rainy Monday and probably the whole week. After taking some days off due to work commitments, I finally assembled some brand-new … Read more


Five Q’s for LAMP (Los Angeles Music Project) (NDYD Interview Series)

LAMP (Los Angeles Music Project) is a collective that puts out mixes, interviews, and blogs about some of the hottest tracks out there today. While they are still growing, their reach is rapidly moving beyond Southern California. I had the chance to chat with one of the founding members, Alex Slater (MR PUZL) for our “Five … Read more

Parlez-vous anglais ?

Flyin’ Away with Mogul and Parlez-vous anglais ?

Mogul has been on fire lately. His latest EP, released by NDYD Records, is making it’s rounds in the blog-o-sphere with a great response. Why stop there? His new remix for Parlez-vous anglais ? is a track dipped in lovely synths and a great beat. The quintessential “laid-back” jam, Flyin’ gets the Mogul treatment, and … Read more