TUNE || Ben Macklin & Le Flex – Escape

With these two, you just know that the outcome will be stunning. It’s exactly that sort of Nu Disco that will guide you to a miserably started day and brings your good mood back to life all of a sudden.

Ben Macklin, known as the chief creator of soulful Nu Disconess that even makes the tropics get a bit envious, and Le Flex ,who recently won a Kitsune-remix-contest for Kilo Kish‘s “Curious” (highly deserved!), put some Brandy vocal-cuts into a sea of chords, bells, claves and sensual basslines. No way you won’t get lost. It’s a free download to so hop over to their SC-profiles and show some love.

BEN MACKLIN on Soundcloud

LE FLEX on Soundcloud

Kilo Kish – Curious (Le Flex Remix) [Kitsune Maison]


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  1. @LeFlexMusic @Ben_Macklin two good musicians making music that is too good!!! Love to you and the NDYD-crew from moodblanc

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