Another week, another five diamonds for you!

Two releases on NDYD Records in the past days took a toll on me, as well as the frequent travelling. Therefore, I collected five relaxed tunes to sit back and relax a bit at the beginning of the week. Hope you are the selection as much as I do.

I stumbled across this Asian beauty from Tokyo-based artitst ‘sayuw’.
No idea what the lady is singing about, but it’s so releaxed and sweet, I really started digging it right away.

Another fresh finding through people I follow on Soundcloud: BRII’s remix of Bruno Mars’ ‘That’s What I like’. The native of Vienna, Austria (Not Bruno, BRII!) delivers modern R&B at it’s very best and instantly caught my ear and my interest in the producer’s productions.

Smooth as it ever gets. Klar & PF from St. Petersburg are providing excitement when it comes to chilly beach sounds. This time, Medsound from Barcelona gets the Russian treatment and I’m sure is very happy about the results.

More great vibin’ sounds from Japan as Vantage slows down some disco classic and gives it it’s unique character. Been followong this dude (?) for quite some time. You should do it too, always great slowed down disco tunes!

Some puristic disco coming from the town of Brno in the Czech Republic. The “We Love The Boat” – organisers ‘Manack & Zwins’ taking over the air as well with ‘Disco Flight’ which is on the ‘The Invasion’- compilation out on Thunder Jam Records.

So this is it for this Monday-evening. Check back next week for more Mojitos, you heavy drinkers 😉