Hey y’all!

Back in full effect this week with some delicious disco for all you heads out there!

First up is Irish sensation ‘Robots Can’t Dance’ who has previously remixed a couple of R&B greats and all of his recent tracks made it to my USB-stick as they are absolutely perfect for a stunning club-performance so go and get not only ‘I Want You’, which takes on a classic Marvin Gaye-tune, but all of them on his soundcloud as long as they last.

Finally was able to shake hands with Lous La Roche, one of my favourite producers around. And since I congrulated him heavily on his recent success with the MJ remix he has put out, the lad from Norwich just upped it by putting out another one, this time it’s ‘Thriller’ so get it fast until Soundcloud notices it as well.

Not sure if disco-editeer Motte is really from the pacific island of Wallis & Futuna but what I’m sure about is his skills and they are tight! Check out his latest freebie called ‘Shine On’ which takes the dancefloor by storm.

L.A.’s Oliver are back at the scene with a heavy synth-ridden remix for Collapsing Scenery that travels from indi-pop over to 80’s synthwave in a second just to include a french filter house-finish to make things really exciting.

And finally, we are heading to Italy, land of great food, great landscapes and of course the people living there. One of them is Luca, also known as Special Q, who recently chipped in a summerish-not-so-Italian-sounding track called ‘Savoire-faire’. You have to love the dreamy elements, reminding one of the old Daft Punk-tunes from back in the days. My next trip to Italy will include this hotty on my playlist during my cruise around the shores.

That’s it for today, check back soon for even more tunes!