EP Showcase: Flares by Voju

Everyone once in awhile, we are treated with an EP that is quality from beginning to end. Today is one of those lucky days. Berlin based newcomer Voju has surprised us with a spaced out disco EP on Swiss label Horeazon. The EP is a perfect balance of vintage synths, 80’s coastal drive vibes,  and nu disco.

The titular track, Flares, is a mid-tempo soft groove with a percussive element and a funky lead that makes the song perfect for riding top down through the mountain during a California sunset.
The second track, Driftin’, is a slow jam that makes creative use of sound effects that feel like the song came right out of a Windows 95. The song has a slow burn that progressively gets hotter as the song’s pads swell and the spaced out arpeggio grows.

The EP is also accompanied by 2 remixes and a bonus remix. Daytona’s remix of Driftin takes the original into hyperdrive and makes the track more uptempo, whereas Ice Cream’s remix has a french touch to it, spaced out flangers and a old school groove to get you moving. It also comes with a bonus remix [for free!] by artist ‘I Am The Other Guy’.

Overall this EP is well produced and is a breath fresh of 1980’s air and we can’t wait to see what Voju comes up with next.

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