DiRTY RADIO from Vancouver, Canada consists of Shaddy, Tonez and Waspy and are now also on the radar of us Europeans thanks to Jean Tonique’s latest track for Partyfine Records’ second sampler that came out two days ago. I had the chance to get the guys’ attention for a quick game of questions and answers, so here we go with some more inside on the trio from the west-coast:

Guys, you guys recently put out your very first tune, how does that feel?

It feels great to get new original music out. To clarify though, Heart Break Fantasy is our first original for 2015, not our first tune ever haha. We’ve been writing/producing music for a while now but this year we’ve definitely focused our sound and vision, so it’s really exciting to share what we’ve been working on. Our goal is to drop a ton of new tracks this year both original and with other talented peeps we’ve been collabing with.

You are currently touring around the west-coast, and we know funny stuff always happens when you hit the road, so tell us your best stories please!

We covered over 6.000 kilometers in a bit over a week with Miami Horror from Australia and it was really crazy. They are some of the nicest dudes we’ve ever played with! LA had an unforgettable party we hit up after our show called Rhonda that blew us away. Musically and culturally! Our good friend Kreesha Turner took us out to an amazing reggae club, and introduced us to Tony Royster JR (Jay-Z’s Drummer), who’s we’re huge fans of. He’s was a really great dude.  We’ll def be back in LA soon.

French Jean Tonique had you guys featured on his latest single. Any plans to hit Europe soon? Are there more collabos on the way?

Ya we’re really fortunate to have connected with Jean Tonique. He’s an incredible producer. It’s a major goal for us to make it to Europe and perform in the next year. We’ve been getting a lot of love from BBC1Xtra lately so hopefully its just a matter of time. And yes, we have several collabs in progress with some of our favorite producers on soundcloud.

How is the music-scene in Vancouver and how do you guys get along with other artists in town. Is there something like a collective or is everyone going their way?

The Vancouver music scene is on fire! There are different people doing different styles but most people are open to writing and working with each other and this is one of the reasons such excellent music has been coming out of here recently. We’re constantly being blown away by our peers and we’re happy and honoured to be apart of it all.

Name us some songs you are currently into.

We listened to the new Snoop Dogg record that Pharrell produced a lot on our tour. Father John Misty’s new record is dope. We’re big fans of Disclosure’s new song. Can’t wait to check out the new Hudson Mohawke and Miguel records too!

Thank you for answering those questions, hope to see you in Europe soon!

Listen to the latest DiRTY RADIO Songs: