my day started absolutely great after watching the Warriors defeat the Cavs so now this week’s edition of Tequila Tuesdays runs under the banner of the new NBA champions. No, I am not a bandwaggon-fan at all. I am actually into Golden State since 1992 (Chris Mullin was my favorite player altogether with Tim Hardaway).

Anyway, let’s get things going with the latest Soundcloud has to offer, since you aren’t here to read about hoops but about b…eats.

Incredibly-talented producer Vanilla delivers an excellent retouch of Marcus Miller’s ‘Too Much’for the ‘Chillhop Essentials – Summer 2017’ – compilation. You probably remember that sample from Jay-Z’s ‘Can’t Knock The Hustle’ if you are an old hip-hop fan.

My bud Retrasoft from Miami is dipping into the slower future funk this time with his latest output called ‘Feels Like’ which feels like awesomeness. Taking the slower way during summer is surely the right way. Don’t we all just wanna chill like it’s 1981?

Remember Tensnake’s ’58 BPM’ which had singer Fiona singing on it? Well, the two and Lester Mendez teamed up to form uber-group ‘Gemini Rising’ and their 80’s synth anthem ‘Best Case Life’ is an excellent way to introduce them to a broader audience. I’m pretty sure this trio is set for immediate stardom.

Jean Tonique is known to be a funkateer for a while now. The Paris-based producer did flex his muscles at the guitar to create a funky ladden bass-line for his latest baby called ‘Something To Talk About’. Stellar singer Keyone Starr adds soul to the tune like nduja adds spice to any pizza.

Air Zaire is truly a ‘Come Back Lover’ as he keeps popping up once or twice a year to amaze us with truly sexy productions. After recently moving to L.A. from Boston, we hope to have more regular updates from Adam as the sunshine state embraces talent probably a bit more when it comes to disco.

Please check back next week for more new finds!