Hey disco-fan!
I just wanted to point you towards some stellar sounds that are worth listening to.

Naples-based producer Gaetano ‘Hunter’ Daniele just-released an eight-track album called ‘In My Mind’ and it’s one of the strongest disco albums of this year, if not the most perfect one overall considering the fact there aren’t too many released so far.
From the ever-smooth intro, which is a slowed version of ‘Love You Down’ by INOJ over the absolutely stunning ‘Just A Little Bit’ and the dreamy ‘Forever Young’ , there is not a single moment of disappointment or skipping towards the next song here.

The 27 year-old Italian, who started with producing music six years ago, has been pulled into the disco-genre thanks to the likes of Daft Punk and Michael Jackson. He knows how to perfectly craft modern edits out of classic disco or r&b tunes, which will stick to your memory like kids to candy and they are equally giving you an immediate rush.

Hunter’s hunt for the perfect beat lead often to overly funky creations who are in the end mastered in an extremly clean and extremly polished way which makes them easily fitting to your set for at the next roller-disco or the next rooftop-party this summer.

All you got to do is to head over to bandcamp to cope the album, leave maybe a few bucks and enjoy the rest of your day listening to really, really great music.

By the way: Gaetano’s label Club Coral isn’t even done yet – expect even more hot music next week when the remixes to ‘In My Mind’ coming in. I guess we are blessed this and the coming weeks!

Get it here: ‘Hunter – In My Mind’ on Bandcamp