Ahh…Les Loups. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said about the Disco inspired, German trio? Their latest release, Stay, is a dreamy cut of Disco that will have you hooked from the first chord. The track is chilled out with some ethereal vocals via Marie Dahlstrøm. The beauty of this track is how it builds, I can only describe it as “lovely” because of how fantastic it sounds. The pianos are crisp and carry a vibrant tone, perfect for a Disco House track. It is such a simple track but it really does romance the listener.

If you have heard their previous two releases (Colourblind, Out Of Sight) then this track will be a welcome addition to your Les Loups collection. Definitely take a minute to hear the rest of their catalogue. I personally feel they are one of the best modern day Disco acts out there.

Les Loups: