Hi guys,

from now on, I got the latest R&B tunes stacked here every second week to cover also the genres I grew up listening to.
Also, feel free to chip in tunes that I should listen to. Have been lately on a house and disco-trip so please keep me posted with this genre.

Sweet and catchy edit made by Vienna’s franchise who is steadily crafting edits and remixes to please listeners almost on a daily base.

Onnu ready fi Phabo?
The L.A.-bread teamed up with producers Krs. who is more known to produce dancehall and Mars Today who is coming from the Soulection-camp to fuse r&b with laid-back reggae.

Dutch singer Maydien stepped closer to stardom by releasing his EP on french-imprint Roche Musique, the home to Kartell, Zimmer and Darius.

‘Tea & Loveseats’ made it to the top-spot on BBC RADIO 1Xtra this week and to me, ‘D.M.’ is his strongest track on it.

Switching between rapping and singing, which is nowadays nothing an industry-standard thanks to Drake, the Amsterdam-based artist succeeds on the track thanks to his uberly smooth but scratchy voice which really stands out next to the perfectly dry beats out of the hands of producer Jael.

Chicago always been a hot-bed for upcoming singers and producers and next in line surely is talented singer Geminii.

She knows how to complement the jazzy-beats with a fusion of singing and chanting the lyrics in a very unique way and how to set up the right vibrancy for ‘Alone’ to stick out of the crop.

Can’t leave you without a classic r&b joint.
Some vintage ‘Next‘ for all you old-school heads out there, mashed-up by Duncan Gerow to fit into nowadays picture.

So long,