Let The Singer Be Heard (Week 43)

Ladies & gents,

I got even more serious blogging going on this week.
Today, I want to talk about gender…no, let’s get straight to five outstanding R’n’B joints that I found this week and that should be added to your playlist.

First up is AbJo from the Soulection-camp who teamed up with PRVDNT and JR Jarris to create this beauty for the ten-track ‘Unite Compilation‘which is raising funds for the victims of the recent hurricanes across the US and Puerto Rico.

If you dig what you are hearing below, get over to Bandcamp and donate by buying the sampler.

I am regularly following producer El. Train from laid-back Brighton, who is displaying a wide-range of skills and knows how to please older R’n’B cats like me. His latest single ‘Feels Like’ is sweet as candy and makes me want to take the South Western-train down to the coast to congratulate the guy personally, even if it means I’m stuck on a severly delayed train again.

Not far from Brighton is Portsmouth where another producer has his UK-roots. The BVRGER is back and full on track with no delay or whatsoever and his laid the ground-work (including delicious beats and juicy singing) for rapper Ehmji hailing from Baltimore County in the US. Get an idea what I’m talking about and order your menu below and don’t forget to supersize the menu over at spotify.

5 Reasons has been a mainstay in nu-disco and synth-pop circles for quite some time and has released every year an EP. His latest output is called ‘Upstairs’ and I’ve picked this 2stepish-track below since the singer really needs to be heard. Artful Dodger-like vibes that you can listen to in full over on spotify.

Last entry for today is a slow-motion R’n’B-edit out of the hands of Dutch producer Maitro. It’s entitled ‘S-Class’ and hell yeah, I would play this in a 90’s Mercedes convertible for sure. Some down south-sub bass paired with a slowed down classic-soul sample always works for me. If it works for you as well, get this tune for free below and do not forget to spread the word.

That’s it for this week when it comes to blog-posts. Return next week with more tunes that I did discover over the weekend!



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