Let The Singer Be Heard (Week 49)

Hola mi gente,

I came across new R&B joints that I need to share with you.

Amsterdam-born Marvin’s Room got this bassy track out since a few days and it get your crowd going once it’s on the speakers of your club.

Mark from Vienna, better known as Thelo picked up some Brazilian Sango-flavored drums to get this beauty going. This R&B-rodizio fully stuffs my appetite for sexy beats for a day or two. Hungry now? Here you go:

Mac Ayres from New York with a classic approach when it comes to legit soul. Like an aged liquor, it brings a rather bright facette of flavors along.

There is nothing wrong when it comes to Janet J. Leeds-lad wntr added a lovely bass-line and some swinging synth to craft a catchy remix of ‘I Want You’. Something you would expect on a Kaytranada-mixtape – It is that good!

I got a faible for the French I must admit. It’s not different with singer Mennel Salaam and Lorkestra from Paris who instantly pulled me into their song called ‘Self Defense’. Now there is no need for protection at all since this song protects you from now on from bad music around the web for sure. Just press play!

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