Ladies & Gents,

I scrolled down twice my timeline on Soundcloud and immediately found five R’n’B gems that I need to share with you.

First up are the Burns Twins from Chicago, who teamed up with Wildcats-producer Sam Hudgens and Indiana-based singer Omar Apollo to create this jazz-soul-sensation. Feels like biting into a croissant filled with warm honey and butter. Simply delicious.

B-boy turned producer Daehan aka Eric Seo from Korea picked up Chris Brown‘s ‘Yo’ and morphed it into a smooth but still edgy s(e)oul track.
Tastes like sticky Korean spicy wings on a Friday afternoon. Finger-lickin’ good!

We are staying in Korea and heading south of Seoul to discover Suwon together with extremely talented musician Snaggle Owky.
He picked up Walsall-bread Jorja Smith and created a warm and sexy summer anthem that goes along well with a tangy orange popsicle next to the beach.

No place like Seoul to find emerging talents. Next in line is BRLLNT who reworked a Korean drama theme-song from Clazziquai to make it fit in the nowadays perspective. That bass-line is thumping and would let any lowrider over in Cali vibrate like a motorola phone your pants in the early 2000’s.

Freebie alert! west1ne from Northern Jersey gets ‘Rock The Boat’ a mellow samba-jazz outfit to make it a perfect fit to a day at the beach with a pineapple filled with coconut rum and juice.