Since the MMW/WMC 2017 is approaching fast, I decided to dedicate this week’s edition to all the upcoming activities and festivities surrounding the conference next week.

Let’s start with a classy edit by NYC’s Cloak Dagger. ‘Shouldn’t Leave You’ is already on my playlist and it should be on yours as well. You never go wrong with tracks and edits out of the hands of the Noc Boots label-head and New York’s W Hotel-resident!

More edits equal more fun…so I got this fresh rework of ‘Stomp!’ in stock for you disco-cats out there. Lebanese producer 6inho is relatively unknown but should turn some heads with this beauty! And did I mention it comes for free? Go & get it!

Looking the right sound for a day in Miami while driving in a Countach down Collins? Don’t look no further – Leon Else provides the perfect 10 when it comes to 80’s synthwave. ‘The City Don’t Care’ is on rotation in Sonny Crockett’s car. And not only there…

Ghosts of Venice is no newbie, so there is no need to an introduction. And Luxxury Edits is probably one of the most famous disco-editers around but the debut single clearly stands out as he sung and produced it by himself. Fellow L.A.-native Ghosts of Venice gives it a few more drums and an more edgy sound. Enough said, hear it yourself!

Disco Tech Edits from Sweden chipped in this Sister Sledge rework and since I have heard the sad news of the passing of Joni, I thought to reminisce about the good old days, when ‘Lost In Music’ has been a regular fit to every disco jam around. RIP, Joni!

That’s all for this week,
check back in seven days for more fresh and fine disco cuts!