Mojito Mondays

Hi guys,

guess I had enough of tequila in the past months so I’m returning to my beloved mojito tonight.
Once again, I was crawling through all the promotional copies and my Soundcloud-feed to find a few tasty tracks for you ladies and gents out there.

Let’s start with Lebigmac who hails from Mexico and does not have to call Mr. Wolf to clean things up. This Quarter Pounder with cheese is as tasty as future funk and disco gets, so have a bite of it right away.

To complement the Quarter Pounder, I got you a bottle of Funky Soda from my buddy Agrume. French filter funk revival on this bubbly and sparkling tune. Ideally fitting for a cruise in your convertible down the coast.

Luckily, I found a rising star in Lola Disco from Brazil. You’ll probably recognise the sample right away but this girl talk is a classic that never gets old and gets the ladies on the dancefloor, so get your copy of it and let the girls dance instead of talk to it.

Space 9 from New York teamed up with fancy singer Josh Tobias on ‘It’s Your Night’ and the results are impressive. Funky disco sounds that reminding me a bit of Oliver and Tuxedo and should be a winner in any roller-disco around the big apple.

Finally, we are heading over to London where Frenchy Pastel is residing at. After touring with FKJ through Asia, the young producer picked up some of the vibe of the Roche Musique-artist to put out this incredibly smooth piece of magic. Let’s hope there is more to come down the road as it’s going to catapult him probably into the lime-light pretty soon.

Now let’s all toast to more great music coming up in the near future – salud!


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