We’re very happy to present you a stunning Deep-Slow Mo-tune by our UK-mates from Benny & Gain. The guys have been around for a minute. Regularly offering some fine tunes themselves, the lads have been making noises with some beautifully compilations including artists such as Edit Murphy, Debonair, Emil Rottmayer & Basement Love. Their NDYD Exclusive Mix, which was published via our Soundcloud earlier this year, is a great success with over a 10k listeners.

With “Ciel Electrique” they offer something quite different. It’s a long, melodic ride to spheres that seem to be undiscovered and equally mysterious. Chilled out vibes are structured around a pumping bassline that doesn’t take away anything of the tracks’ unique way to deal with Synth-sounds. A magical moment for your listening pleasure.

Find Benny & Gain here:

ARTWORK by Forces Creative