NDYD Exclusive || Disco Mordisco – Julio (Track)

If you haven’t been to Granada, Spain – a magnificent city – Disco Mordisco provide another argument to actually do pay the city a visit. Their newest track “Julio”, which is inspired by the great Julio Iglesias, is a true Disco-stomper, living up to a shimmering piano paired on Vocal-extracts of Senior Iglesias.

You can easily lay back from whatever you’re doing at this very moment and allow a vision of a sun-infiltrated beach to take over your daily routine. A sweet mixture of Nu and Slow Disco, mixed with the excitement of Tropical House is gonna hit you big time.

Disco Mordisco have been a stable presence in Spain’s rich Disco-culture. They already produced remixes Warner Music Spain and Mushroom Pillow, to name a few, and have been playing gigs at Creamfields, Lowcost Festival, Ibiza Rock Nights and many more. Give the guys a follow – more to come soon.

Disco Mordisco:


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  1. Thanks Nu Disco Your Disco!! <3

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