2014 is not over yet but there are already great news to be spread for 2015. If you’ve always been eager to catch NDYD playing live, you’ll get a couple of chances in the upcoming months.
2015 will be a very good year for we can already confirm that we will definitely take part in the well-known WMC. Kris Santiago and Holic DJd alongside Tobtok and Dude Skywalker the previous year on a great boat-ride and you can expect a similar outlook for March 2015. This time the NDYD-team will be even bigger for Malibee and Ricardo Torres will also be in Miami.

Beforehand, you can catch our DJs spinning at an event in London. This will be really big considering the line-up of the evening which will soon be announced.

Naturally, you can catch Holic playing in his hometown Budapest while L’Aquarium and Glenn Dale already have bookings lined up in France and Luxembourg.
Keep an eye on the page for further updates and if you’re a club or promoter who wants to book our NDYD-DJs, you can contact us at booking@nudiscoyourdisco.com.

Yours truely, NDYD