Bienvenidos a Miami!

I thought it would be nice to have a little event-guide for you to make it successfully through the Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference. Matter of fact, I am already down here to prepare another round of Monday Mojitos as well as document all the upcoming action for you.

My first entry into the event-guide is for Tuesday, the 21st. The Wall, a famous night-club here on South Beach located at the W Hotel, is hosting a series of parties all week but ‘Favela Beach: The Modern Affair’ is probably the one I would recommend the most since Damian Lazarus is playing that night and I was able to attend a boat party a few years ago here in Miami where he was playing at and it was one of the most memorable sets I have heard in my life. Joining him are Canadian duo Art Department, Lauren Lane and Bedouin, all well-known house artists that should be providing the perfect sound for a long night down here. You can catch me there with a mojito in my hand. See you there!

For tickets and more information visit: Favela Beach: The Modern Affair at Wall Miami Beach