Once again, we were scrolling down our soundcloud-stream, digging for phonetical-diamonds.

There is plenty of great music floating around the globe these days and we’ve collected five of millions of precious tracks to present them to the musically-educated, which is obviously you since you are reading this at the very moment (Dang, how arrogant is that, huh? Actually we have just taken the first five tracks in our timeline without even listening to them. Pretty sure they are great anyways after a beer or two plus some tequila).

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Our five chosen ones:

D.C.’s lady of disco Eau Claire had been productive these days and delivers a classy remix to put herself into the elite league of remixers out on the east.

Uppsala in Sweden seems to be a hot-bed for talent – After Tobtok, there is Ghassemi now, who remixed Just Kiddin’s Thinking About It and landed a stellar joint to fill the floor with it tasty Nu-Disco flavour.

Chris McClenney isn’t your every day artist, he is so extremly gifted and proves it on his latest release on legendary label Soulection. Check out this absolute beauty and fall in love with it.

How sexy can a song be? Well, have a listen to the latest track by Cavalier. Dim the light, grab some champagne and play “Be Your Girl” out loud. You know what’s gonna happen next…

And last but not least, we are heading out all the way to Perth, Australia to grab a copy of the latest rework of the Casual Connection. Everyone loved the ladies of Zhane back then and the guys of NDYD still have a knack for r&b these days, so that’s why we have to feature this gem today as well.

That’s all for today, hope you keep visiting us here on our web-page as well as on our social media-outlets!