Yessir! Mojito Mondays are finally back with a buy-one-get-two-special!
Let’s waste no time and start right away with some hand-picked mint-leaves, crushed ice, soda, cane sugar and white rum to finish these drinks up. And while we are mixing it up for you, why not listen to a few new tracks that complement the mojitos perfectly?

First and foremost, we need to head over to the Caribbean sea to visit the precious island of Antigua. Final DJS just arrived right at the port, wearing a hawaii-shirt, bermuda-pants and Air Force 1s while making his way to the dj botth at the local beach club. Once at the decks, he spins his latest imprint which is accidentally named after the island to please the ears of the young party-crowd at the infinity-pool. I bet you want to be there right now. Guess what, we got a little tasting right here for you. Have a bite!

How about a strawberyy daiquiri in between the beach bed’s sheets? Skibblez just got your order and is already heading over to you to serve you some cool fine strawberry to leave you with a vivid memory right inside your head!

Oh, all the cold drinks didn’t sit well with your stomache? I think we should call a doctor to get you back to life. Dr. Packer just unleashed a few delights to make you feel better. Get a glimpse of his secret medication and judge yourself.

Now that you are ready to dance under the Caribbean moonlight, the Dudes should provide you with dancing sparkles right over the sea. Unforgettable vibes for unforgetable moments. House has never been as sexy as this. You better believe!

Bumping bassline, pianos and a lover singing…your knees bend and you jump to the rhythym and sound of Alex Harrington who gets you going from now on. No further explanations needed as the beats taking over your body and the night is still young and Infinity takes over!

That’s it for this week. Need to shake off some rust first I guess. Will be back hopefully by next week with even more new songs, all hand-picked and organic plus extremly healthy!

Yours truly,