Good morning to all you Easter-bunnies, I am back with five disco-eggs and I already painted them…no I gave them the all shiny disco-feel by gluing those little micro mirrors on them and hided them in the beach club to be found by you today. Are you ready to collect them? Let’s do this!

Excellent Medsound is giving us a dreamy approach on Easter and he lets the (playboy-) bunny all shine in the sun!

Evil Smarty is keeping it all retro with his egg to make you feel more comfortable as you singing the hook-line all through the song and even after the edit stopped!

Oh, you want to paint your eggs yourself? No problem, Patrick Baker got the whole kit right here for you for free. Be creative and do something with it as the original egg 100% of my taste.

One of my favorite eggs in the past decade has been re-modeled by JKriv. Get a hold of it as the guys with the huge afros probably going to be not up long.

And to keep our r&b (rabbit & bunny) heads happy, I have added an sexy egg to today’s mojito-egg edition as well. Say hello to Midas Hutch from Amsterdam!

That’s all folks!

Yours truly,

Elmar Funk.