Kicking off the week is our new series called “NDYD’s Mojito Mondays” with five sure picks to get you guys going even though it’s just the beginning of the week and the weekend is still far away.

Let’s start with Scavenger Hunt (Jill Lamoureaux and Dan Mufson) from L.A. , who are lucky to receive the ”Lenno-treatment” as the Finnland-based producer gives “Lost” a dreamy synth-ladden sound that we desperately need in order to get through this winter.

Dutch-duo Keljet open up the new year with a wonderful pop-disco remix of Lyon Hart’s debut single “The Sign”. This feel-good tune let’s the upcoming summer look closer to us than it actually is.

Brothers In Arms (consisting of J Boogie Dubtronic and DeeJay Theory) finally got back together to create “Pound Cake” which successfully follows in the paths of “Stronger” and “All This Love”, two big tunes the guys released last year.

Cologne-based Toniia dished out this dancefloor-filler remix this week. Moritos’ “Do What You Want” received a mjaor re-haul and with a moving drum-line, the remix gets you the deep & groovy feeling for a night at the clubs.

Fitz Lauder is staying very productive these days. Today he took on Moodblanc’s Friday Night and gave it a new outfit by pairing it with Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours” to completely please body, mind and soul.

We hope that these freshly-crafted tunes will be on rotation in your iPod from today onwards!
Please drop by next week for even more feel-good music on!

Yours truly,

Kris Santiago