Hey, I got some exciting news for you!
I joined the heroic guild of curators of fancy-pancy playlists. Usually made by people that are too stupid or lazy to mix the stuff together. Guess DJing is overrated these days and people just put a hastily list of some tracks together and call themselves very important influencers.

Don’t worry though, that playlist-thing won’t substitute mixtapes.Check back regularly here or on our record-label’s soundcloud-page for the latest releases, mixes and even playlists to stay updated on the sound you love and we love.

You may ask yourself where are the five tracks that I discovered over the weekend and presented in my blog-post?

Well, they will be back for sure next week, but I’ve included many of my recent findings into the playlist below, I just didn’t present them to you this week due a few other commitments such as working on my next mixtape and promoting Hemi’s new release ‘Gentle’.But I promise to be back next week with not only the actualised playlist but five fresh tracks which means double the fun for you from now on every week!