Noc Boots Volume 8

Hey guys,

I will let you enjoy your weekend in a minute but please check out the latest Noc Boots which comes once again with four outstanding disco tracks ideally listened to with a glass of wine, chug of beer or a single malt in your leather seat situated in a cozy environment.

From the pumping ‘Illusions’ to the groovy ‘El Rey’ all the way to two mellow vibing tunes such as ‘Stokely Lament’ and ‘Nights Over Essex’, this four-tracker clearly stands out when I am looking back into my promo-mailbox in the last weeks.

Hotmood, The Silver Rider, Cloak Dagger and Chuggin’ Edits are to me the Fantastic Four of disco – listen to their movie soundtrack below and share if you are digging this exciting piece of work!

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