Good afternoon,

just got back from a great weekend in London and I thought it would be best to give you five good reasons to get through five days of work.

Let’s start off with this stunning new song called “Diamonds” which has been produced by Toniia while to beautiful vocals are coming from Maria Lynn. The track is being featured on the “All Or Nothing” EP by the duo and is a mix of modern r&B and pop that immediately loops forever in your head.

You can’t go wrong when tuning in a song of Tom Misch. He’s apparently on a “5 Day Mischon” and the third day impresses me the most. I bet it will do you as well.

There is no better love these days as cyberlove according to Rome-based artists BVRGER. The multi-talented singer / artist / foodie chips in the sound for the millennial generation, so heart, share, like and swipe it to the correct side to show some love back to him.

Remember Chris Malinchak and French Express? That super-group formed of Perseus, Moon Boots, Jonas Rathsman, Isaac Tichauer and him? If you don’t, never mind. Just press play and let Phil do the trick. There is no way you won’t have that punch-line in your head for hours, probably even days.

If you want to dream away during the week, I got this hidden gem for you. “This Is Love” from the homie Le Flex is a perfect example how timeless music can be as the track could have been made in the 80’s by Stock Aitken Waterman but in reality is a product these days, made out in the green fields of Essex. It’s your turn to re-discover the 80’s, just start with listening to this lovely track below.

Hope these five pleasing tracks are coming at the right time for you. Keeping your positive spirit alive.
Catch you later this week with more new discoveries for sure!

Yours truly,