Hello my friends and fans of quality-driven sounds!

Let me congratulate my NDYD-buddy Sebastian to his birthday as well as to his latest remix.

The Stuttgart-based veteran-producer took on Goldroom‘s ‘Lying To You‘ to create a bouncy dancefloor-filler that will last for ages.

It somehow sounds like a classy co-production of Moon Boots and Sebb Junior and the Korg does define the sound at most stages while the dreamy chords are accompanying the listener through different parts of this remarkable song perfectly well.

Sebastian, who has recently bounced back and forth between house and his natural habitat, the 80’s synthwave sound, is indeed capable of crafting the perfect vibe for each sub-genre of house and does not hesitate take on new paths in his career.

It is safe to say that the evolution of music hasn’t halted and FINAL DJS is progressing equally with today’s demands and needs. Make sure to bookmark his social media outlets as he is set for even more stellar tracks in the near future. But lets not head too much in the future.

Did I mentioned that the track is a free download for you?
Get this beauty right below…