Oi mate,

I’m back from the dead after a wild weekend over in Shoreditch.

And I collected a few new tracks that should sweeten up your start into the week for sure.

First up is Anka from the other side of the world. The Auckland, New Zealand-based producer warps me back in time to my childhood-days as ‘1 9 9 3’ is a fusion of Blackstreet and Michael Jackson which is always winning my heart and ear I guess. Just like tasty pizza, I can’t get enough of that sound.

Next in line today is hip hop-magician Vanilla who stays classy to pull smoothly-rolling “Again” out of his hat to please the ol’ hoodrats in the audience. Guess you can count me in too. Cheers, grandpa.

Probably one of the very few guys in Luxembourg that is down for disco, Cheerokee is putting the little kingdom in the middle of Europe back on the map with his latest jam. His take on John Mayers’ ‘Moving On And Getting Over’ is simply put my funk anthem of the year. It’s as tasty as lime, ice and coke…and maybe a shot of rum.

My head is nodding to the following Moods-remix all day now. Looking like a Robert De Niro-bobblehead at this moment while writing this blog. ‘Uncanny Valley’ of Utrecht-born Feiertag has been reworked for the better by the ever amazing vibes-creator from Rotterdam. Those Dutch producers got game! This remix provides punchy bass-lines and funky guitars to entertain a sophisticated crowd at the next beach party over in Brixton.

Finally for today’s blog-post, I got some brand-new Reggie Got Beats for you. Straight up made for you to show off some boogie-dance moves at the next rooftop-gathering in Shoreditch. Your back will lead you into it, promised!

Here is the updated playlist with every song from the last rounds of mojitos in one place!