Canadian DJ SINAOSIS has been on a roll for quite some time. Starting a new Synthwave mix-series on his Soundcloud-channel called ‘Persepolis on Fire’ has quickly elevated his status in certain circles and secured him the support of many stars of the beloved genre.

Promoting this unique retro-sound is one of his main goals and he has been extremely successful in his quest so far, since NDYD found fellow artist GRAEDA through SINAOSIS‘ recommendation.

It came only natural to ask him to be part of our summer mix-series and below, you can get the full SINAOSIS-treatment for your own pleasure:

Le Caire – Instantané
Flávio La Barre & Kattch – Floating Head
GRAEDA – On Hold
Ozona – Mastermind
Zane Alexander – Nine
SHIKIMO – Experiment
SHIKIMO – Saturn Outpost
GRAEDA – Quay Heartbreaker
Forhill – Outlines
Alpha Room – Darker than White
Sequenza – Saturday
Sequenza – Vintage
Cerulean – Horizon
Michael Elliot & Kraver – Long Lost and Found
whilefalse – Wires
Adam Ford – Absolute (with GRAEDA)
Memorex Memories – Cherry Blossom
System96 – Imagine
DreamStation1986 & Loréan – Airglow
A.L.I.S.O.N – Lightyears
Krosia – Rivage
VIQ – Beautiful Things Have Wings
VIQ – Unnamed Beauty
Photon – This Is Your Chance