Hard to imagine a better pair than Ben Macklin and Mogul. The latest remix from the German maestro is a slice of funk that clears the air with synths that soar. Not convinced yet? You will be after you take a listen. This track features a beat that has shades of 90s hip-hop and merges them with some “future” vibes. I really enjoy the variation in beat on this one. Some tracks get too disjointed when they transition from sound to sound, but Mogul always finds a way to tie it all together. It’s a perfect combination of old and new, funk and future, house and disco.

The depth is fantastic as well. Very impressed at just how many sounds are featured here. There isn’t a certain one that stands out because it’s all fantastic. I can’t imagine a better track to end your weekend with. It’s smooth but lively which give it a lot of replay value. Enjoy.

Ben Macklin: