Springy Mojito Mondays


The birds are back in town and the sun is staying up longer these days. An unexpected boost on a Monday evening and that coupled with a few remarkable tunes makes the day complete!

Ever amazing Skibblez is back and wants to live through one last summer…I hope he changes his mind and goes through a few more since his productions has always been pure pleasure for me. Skibblez turns disco and 80’s tunes into diamonds without flinching. Must have!

Last week, I told you about how creative Danish people can be. And here we go again: A remarkable remix of R&B legends TLC made by the amazing Caius from Copenhagen. It’s too smooth to pass by and too sexy not to write about it. But the best part comes in the end: According to Caius, we may be rewarded with a free download anytime soon!

Lovebirds – enough said – no more words needed.

Finally some new and fresh out of the hands of my buddy Special Q. The always positive-thinking Italian gingerhead has dropped ‘Juicy’, a five track EP with a few lovely tunes that all do not disappoint. My favourite is ‘Rusty Club’ which rolls smoothly like a Vespa along the Sardinean coastal roads. Get your Italian dolce vita-feel right here:

Miami is full of talented people so let me introduce to you Dsided, the upcoming trio straight off the tropical shores of the vibrating city. Producers Dan.K and Ella Romand and vocalist Emilia Garth just got their first official release on Australian imprint ‘Bobbin Head Music’ this week. ‘Whispers’is part of a four-track compilation and clearly stands out to me. You are witnessing the birth of a big career if you are asking me…

That’s all for tonight, enjoy your (musical) mojito!



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