The first mojito is on all you true believers of our favourite genre. Really happy these days to receive so much feedback on music and also the blog. I guess NDYD is still a valueable source for you when it comes to good music.

Let’s start right away with an outstanding song crafted by an outstanding artist: Teagre.
The Paris-native catches the right vibe with ‘Reverie’ and created this little diamond in the rough. Really looking forward to the release!

Crossing the ocean within one song isn’t easy but I am giving it a try. Edwick John is certainly no stranger since the Mexican has released already under the NDYD-umbrella and his latest joint is another disco-banger made for the a great night on a rooftop-party over in Puebla.

Heading back to France again, to the heart of the Provence where Lucas Chambon calls his home and puts up beautiful songs such as ‘Floating’, which deep, dreamy and still bouncy and is a must-be-played-track at your next gathering around the pool.

Harrison Broome returned after a one-year long hiatus. The Canadian still knows how to deliver instant anthems as ‘Body High’ catches the current zeitgeist and should do tremendously well on streaming portals. I do actually dig it a lot, so should you.

Finally, I am heading back to the UK where Crystal Bats are living. The duo is finally back with their sophmore release called ‘Anyone’ which is 110% the sound of the 80’s and could be a song made for movies such as ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ or ‘Weird Sience’. Hopefully, the duo gets more attention from bloggers and fans across the globe. We can’t wait another three years for another stellar song!

Five freshly mixed cocktails for you – you better return next week for a special Miami-edition!
More of the cold and sexy stuff coming!