we had a bank-holiday yesterday and instead of feeding you with the latest tracks circulating around, I was feeding the baskets on the court instead. So here we are, a day too late for five mojitos so let’s have some (tequila) shots instead!

Pioneerball from Moscow is pouring in a shot of that indie pop 80’s feel and it’s yummy like sticky candy combined with popcorn. ‘Avoid’ by Tesla Boy is really standing out thanks to the new rainbow-packaging. Kudos to Stan!

If you dig Satin Jackets, you may find a liking in ‘Good For Love’ by Mayah. Just released on Garth’s Pole Position Records, this beauty works its way into your memory like a perfectly crafted Gin Tonic. You will be hooked on it, I promise!

Let’s play something bouncy! Take your glass of ron & coke and head to the dancefloor since the new remix by DRKTMS is killing. Ciara’s ‘Sorry’ get-that-booty-to-da-floor rework should get your motivation up to show your danceing-skills…and you better bring your a-game to the dance-off!

Cloak Dagger is truly an artist with the right hand for a stellar retouch of a classic tune. The NYC-based Dj is a regular fix in downtown Manhattan’s bars and clubs and provides another hot piece with ‘No One Ever Stays’. Cope this beauty as it comes for free!

Closing this episode is SRNO from Amsterdam with ‘All Night’ which features magnificient James Vickery. We could all night but sadly, this is the last track for tonight so play it over and over ’til the morning comes…

This is ist for tonight, check back soon for more!