Yeah I know,
I let you down yesterday and didn’t provide you with some new musical input but I promise to make up for that by chipping in these five adorable tracks to keep up with posting at least once a week about quality sounds that came across me in the last days.

Let’s start off with James P who took on Aaaliyah’s Rock The Boat to create a funky yet chilly remix of it. Personally, the original of it is still one of my favourite tracks of all time so I naturally enjoy a great remix of it, even if there are plenty of them floating around soundcloud.

Next up is my boy Lukasz who finished off an edit of another favourite track of mine. ‘Sitting In My Room’ is fab and with that edit, it is now even more danceable than the original tune. And thanks to Perth-native, that edit comes for free, same as his bedroom-nudes.

Another buddy of mine, Kemal from Istanbul, just released a new single together with the Italian duo of JazzyFunk.’Galactic Funk’ picks up the vibes of 2011 and 2012 when Nu-Disco mattered a lot in the musical soundscape, so it’s like time-travelling back instantly when listening to this beauty.

L.A.’s Michael Hokanson recently sent me this disco-themed diamond which has no real name but this classy edit doesn’t really needs one to stand out. Honestly hope that it will be picked up by a label soon as it’s too good not to be released properly.

Hidden down in Amman, Jordan is young Kareem Najjar who goes by the artist name ‘LemKuuja’. His latest track ‘Ai’ is a true vaporwave / future funk production popular nowadays all around the globe but probably with roots in Asia. Check this out.

And finally, the updated playlist in case you want to check out what was on within the last weeks!