The Dive #01

Hey, hey!

It’s getting warmer out there and we are heavily preparing ourselves to make our balcony, terrace, backyard or window-area the place-to-be in the next few days. What would fit better than a few tracks that keeping your mood up during this weird month?

Let’s start of with Midas Hutch/FS Green from Amsterdam, who teamed up with Seoul-based Daul and Liverpool-born singer Charli Taft to deliver this popsicles-tasting piece which instantly lets your head nod to the summerish beat. Get ‘In Touch‘ and put this sweet and sticky track on your daily playlist.

Voju and Thomas Tonfeld has been on a roll lately with their project called Lorean and once more, they have been hitting their studio hard, especially with not much going on out there anyways. Mike Derpak’s ‘The Pool’ received the Lorean treatment and this bouncy feel-good tune is coming your way as a free download. More than ideal if you are out there doing some exercises or simply enjoying the sun in your face on your balcony.

Grab a bottle of Cachaca, lime, sugar and some soda water for your evening caipirinha. Did we forget something? Oh, the fitting sound is right below, a sexy Brazilian disco-house banger called ‘Stay Relaxed’ from the guys of Pleasure Voyage from Budapest. Bringing the Copacabana to your living room has never been so easy.

Your backyard garden has a splash pool? You got a boombox or even a soundsystem next to it? Well, you need to play ‘French Express’ by veteran-producer Final DJS to get that rollerskating at Ocean Drive-feeling. Inspired by the label that has been a major driver behind the Nu-Disco sound back in 2011, the Stuttgart-based artist crafted a dreamy yet forward-pacing song that will stay in your head for quite some time once heard. Have a listen yourself:

We are heading to Washington D.C. for our final but essential pool-party anthem. Discoholic has been around for quite some time and ‘Discadance‘ is a brilliant funky and also discoish track that you would expect to be featured by Breakbot or Yuksek as well. Get your dance-shoes on and slide through your living room to make your neighbours mad.

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