Hey hey,

as promised a week ago, I will be selecting some more eggsellent tracks in my coming reviews for ‘The Dive’ and this is now the second edition packed with free egg-yolk and guanciale perfectly fitting to your pecorino and pasta!

Paris-based producer Young Pulse pulled out a present for all you Easter bunnies out there. He took on an absolute favorite of mine from the legendary George Benson to give it the special Young Pulse magic. Enjoy this freebie with a long drink of your choice tonight!

Dedicating a remix to Bill Withers (RIP) at the moment seems to be a great idea. Our buddy Roman Kouder who is also from Paris, created this beauty which caught my ear from the very first second I’ve pressed play. I am sure it will have the same effect on you. You should also check on his other tracks, that he has recently put out on Soundcloud -> A journey through Quarantine.

We are going once again back in time, precisely to 1982. Sydney’s very own Cabu recently decided to squeeze out an EP with four 80’s themed edits and I picked ‘Be Alright’ to be the track for my personal playlist in my car. Since we can’t wander around that much, driving is next big thing to do for me and this stellar piece of music is brighten up my mood every time it’s on.

K├Âlsche Jung Tightshirt decided not to sit down and stare out of the window but created a pumping house track called ‘Just Talking’ and boy, I need to talk about it over here since it’s so crispy and rolling making me wonder when I would be finally able to play it to other people while being behind decks again. Long story short, you need this freebie to get your crowd going!

Finally for today, we go Liverpool & Newry’s Tiernan Hughes in the house with this this extremely entertaining cut produced solely for immediate dance action. Play this if you want to have your crowd getting down to business on the space in front of you. And no, this ain’t no making love on the dancefloor material but heavy dancing to the pumping kick drum and snare.