Hey, hey!

here comes another week with no beach or pool access for us. Nevertheless, I picked some of the most intriguing songs floating around the ocean of sound for you today to increase your mood instantly.

The hottest commodities are coming this from Hungary’s capital and are distributed by the boys from Pleasure Voyage. Owning the rooftops of Budapest has been apparently not enough and since corona dashed out many opportunities for the gentlemen to perform, they decided to take care of us with one excellent release after another.

This time, it’s the mellow but yet pumping house anthem ‘More Paradies’ that keeps us up and dancing in the living room when played. Keep those productions coming and the summer is yours!

Heading all the way east to Elista in Kalmykia in Russia, you will find one of the best disco house producers in Igor Gonya. His name pops up frequently when you are chasing new tracks on the web and his latest output ‘Edits 004’ contains ‘Numbness’ a wonderfully chopped vocal-based house-tune that is going to stick to your head like cotton candy to your lips. Spin this beauty right away and expect positive reactions from your crowd.

Casual Connection
is probably squatting in his adidas tracksuit or posing half-nude on his bed at this very moment. Known for being one of the major R&B classic remixers around the globe, the always-driving Australian has once again pulled out a perfectly crafted remix of Tinashe’s ‘Save Room For Us’.

The right intro-track for your live set and another one that puts Casual Connection into the spotlight and contention for a cover-shooting of an international fashion magazine.

Moodblanc bringing hope and love to you with their latest single, smoothly rolling indie pop meets nu disco track that is super catchy and makes you hum along it.

The Swedish duet has been always great contributors when it comes to songs that fit to pittoresque sceneries such as sunsets at the beach or fields of purple lavender in the Provence with a CV2 driving up the hills.

See, even I am dreaming myself to such a place just because I am listening to ‘Hope & Love’ while writing this piece.

Last but not least, we got Parisien Herson with an outstanding up-temp track that should be on your My-2-Hour-Drive-To-The-Beach-Playlist.

Even if he named his song ‘Aloha’, it does not really remind me of Hawai’i but more of an exciting surfing-trip along the coastal shores of Western France, starting in La Baule and ending it in Biarritz.

Not only does his stellar production comes for free, it also comes with a lovely 70’s themed video on Youtube. I guess it is about time to hit the waves!