Aloha to all you sun-loving people out there!

Sweet melodies for all of you today and they are coming at a low cost for you, I guarantee pure satisfaction as well.

Let’s start off today’s edition of The Dive with Cobalt Road from Orlando, who just released ‘One Of These Nights’ together with singer Seth Nova. A lovely 80’s themed ballad with plenty of synth to please not only synthwave fans but everyone with a heart for retro vibes. A song that easily would fit onto the soundtrack of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, especially with that sax dropping in.

The next cut comes from London, where the four guys from PREP are residing. Their fans call the sound of PREP as Yacht Rock, which is a mixture of R&B, Electronica and 80’s vibes and they nailed it with that term. Just have a listen to their blissful ‘Pictures Of You’ and you will be carried away out to a lighthouse-party at a port nearby you. Do not wonder if your shoulders are start moving once you play this positive up-tempo track!

If you are searching for the ‘Real Love’ do not look any further. The gentlemen of Starwolf got plenty love for you and are displaying it in the most romantic way by singing about. Again, the 80’s styled song attracts all fans of the era and that indie pop groove gives you all the necessary elements to feel cared for when pressing play.

Singer Max Nickou, better known as simply MAXI teamed up with producer CASSINØ to create this soulful composition of 80’s Pop and Synth and named it rightfully so ‘Feels Like Gold’. An emotional outburst packed into words and notes and delivered to you in an outstanding song that is perfectly made for your favorite beach club or rooftop bar overlooking the ocean.

One of best memories of Miami Beach have to do with Poolside. Attending a small event on the rooftop of The Webster, I had a chat with Jeffrey Paradise who as invited to spin for Kitsune there. We ended up sharing a ride to his next gig later on and it was great to be able to talk to him over music in that traffic jam towards it. Needless to say, that I grew even more into fan of Poolside than I was already before. But enough of that, check out their latest single ‘Around The Sun’ which is your 2020 sunset anthem if you are letting me decide for you.