The Dive #8

Hey, hey!

I hope you all are enjoying this summer so far even with all the restrictions surrounding our nightlife. I am sincerely hoping that we can be enjoying at least a few pop-up summer festivals soon.

Even though I have been busy all week with plenty of work, I decided to please you with five diamonds in the rough.
Let’s have a look on them right away.

Not only the greatest food on the planet comes from Italy, but also some of the most gifted producers such as one of my favorite artists, Hunter from Naples.
Like the Vera Pizza Napoletana, all you need are quality ingredients to form a great disco-minded tune and Joy & Happiness is all that.

Sexy French talking, funky strings, vibing piano chords do describe best the latest output of My NamE from Bordeaux. This feel-good song is a perfect fit for a sunset view across Biarritz or any other coastal town in southern France. Even though it is 6 in the morning, I already want to grab a cup of cold Rosé to celebrate this marvellous production.

Just a stone-throw away from Biarritz (okay, maybe more than that) lays Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea. Even though the gents from Limon Limon aren’t from the vibrant city, they clearly have love for the Catalan capital.

Their beautiful aude to Barcelona is a smooth, sexy and relaxing cancion for a day-walk through Barceloneta along the beach or a simply a great gift to any summerish playlist that is feeding your boom box at the pool.

I usually don’t put a lot of Michael Jackson remakes onto the blog since most of it has been sampled and chopped way too many times but I am doing an exception this time since Marc Leclerq did a heck of a remix and it is that good. A melange of disco and synth pop to feed the classic lover in you.

We are staying funky thanks to Korey Wade out there in hot Arizona. This sweet little piece instantly keeps me moving. Please more of that, Mr. Wade, this is fuel in my tank. My Moon Juice for a great start into my daily routines.

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