Yes, it is once again for shots.
Don’t try to hide behind someone and grab a glass. Each of those glasses filled with the very best music you can find on the clouds this week so it doesn’t matter who goes first or last tonight.

First glass comes from Bonus Points who provides an essential romantic component for tomorrow’s valentine’s day with this downtempo-lovers-tune. Now all you have to do is to get some champagne, strawberries, candles and set it all up in your living-room with the lights dimned low.

D’Angelo calls up Jodeci and the Isley Brothers to put their biggest hits on one single song. Never happened in real life but Full Crate, Mar and Lee thought to do just that and have created a R&B meet dancehall meets 90’s classic fusion called ‘Sugar Between The Sheets’.
Outstanding piece that needs to get a lot of more attention. Remember where you found it first…

NYC’s CEO of disco, JKriv just poured in a cachaca straight from the golden beaches of Rio. His fresh lime-infused edit of Jorge Ben’s classic ‘O Dia Em Que O Sol’ is a wonderful cross-over between samba and disco and should do well on any rooftop-sundowner-party across the continents.

Parisien duo of Naux and Jean Dassin provide this thrilling and stomping disco-house banger called ‘Tatanes’ that should bringing your audience up to its feet within a second when played on the right sound-system. Funk the crowd out lud with this booty shaker.

Motte never fails. Another day, another stunner. This one here is a true gem and you can quote me once ‘please Don’t Send Me Away’ is being played by the big disco cats in Ibiza, London, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney.

This is it for this week’s blog entry. I will be trying to provide you with more delicious disco within the next days.