Cologne-based producer Toniia blossomed into the international house-scene be remxing Chris Jane’s “The One” last year and got immediately the attention by a few labels including us at NDYD. His stellar remix of Moritos’ “Do What You Want” generated a larger fan-base within few weeks after the initial upload and has been highly sucessful on Russia’s Facebook-pendant VK.

Teaming up with Kris Santiago in early 2015 even pushed his young career further as the duo added a dreamy but powerful summer house-remix to Røse’s release of “No Good” and up to this day, it reached over 30.000 plays and has been in the Hypem Charts for several days.

With even more releases in the pipeline (for Hator in Bosnia and Random Soul in Australia), the future looks bright for the ambitious producer who picked up the name of his home-town in Turkey (Tonya).

Upcoming dates:
06.06.2015 Buddha Baby, Mannheim || (Germany)
04.07.2015 Buddha Baby, Mannheim || (Germany)
18.07.2015 Up Shot Bar, Antalya || (Turkey)
25.07.2015 Up Shot Bar, Antalya || (Turkey)

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