Totally 80’s Tequila Tuesdays

Hey 80’s music lovers,

just returned in time in order to provide you with some absolutely fine sounds to get you through this first week of September.

Coral City Vol. 2 is finally out on Bandcamp and my favorite tune on this excellent piece is Tightshirt’s ‘Here I Am’ which I could listen to endlessly. Smoothly rolling disco-track that would have suited well the convertible i drove in Cannes recently.

Initial Talk from Tokyo is probably the worst kept secret these days. Catchy productions are continously popping up in my soundcloud stream and they are mostly out of his hands! This time, he took on Destiny’s Child and sounds like it has seen the light in the early 80’s making Beyonce a granny now if this would have been real. Check it out yourself, this is so flawless!

New album from Oliver is so impressive as almost all songs made it to my personal playlist. ‘Love Like This’ is so damn catchy that my mind is already singing the chorus while I am barely awake in the morning hours. I realise it’s Leon Else’s voice while brushing my teeth that is wandering around my head making me play the tune while having my first coffee afterwards.

Not really 80’s but neverthenless a song I had to include is Classixx’s new instant hit ‘Possessive’ which comes as a freebie so this is a must-have if you dig a combo of Fred Falke’s sound coupled with stronger kicks and open hats!

The final track for tonight has been floating around for some time but since it was included in the first Ep of Hartway, I thought to put it on here as well. ‘Beyond’ features lovely singer Lesley Williams and is – attention – carrying a sax on it. I didn’t fancy a song with a sax for quite a while now mainly due to it’s heavy usage in those crappy melodick deep songs so this is the very first time in months if not years, that I give both thumbs up to the sound again! Well done guys!

This is for this week, check back in seven days for more new finds!



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