It’s time for some MØ Nu Disco thrills, and yes, that pun was nothing but intended: check out “MØ – Slow Love (Darick Gyorgy Remix @MAMA PRO).” This track was handed to me by Marc (thanks!), and I instantly fell in love with the warm Tropical Nu Disco sounds penetrating my atmosphere. Let’s not mistake this for tropical house, by the way! I’m only a fan of that genre typically only if it’s Kygo (Just a matter of personal taste).

However, the musical instrumentation created in this tropical track by Darick Gyorgy oozes solid golden vibes with a Balearic feel. All you need is a nice breeze, a Mojito in hand, and the warmth of the sun on your face. Yes, Summer is definitely here. Pop this track on and get funky with it!