Bonjour mes amis!

Let’s get it on and down a few delicious shots. I’m going to cut the talk and get straight to the point.

My buddy BVRGER from Rome just released this absolutely astonishing tune which you should cope right away. ‘Miss.Call’ is another one of many songs of his where song-writing and singing is up to par with flawless beats and all of it is coming from the very same guy – the molto-talenti Bri’ish-Italian from the land of the Arancini and Nduja.

From burgers to wings. You hungry now? Bet you are. Alex, who is not only a talented beat-creator but also a skilled photographer took on the ever catchy Brandy-tune. No chance to pass on this remake. Wanna get down with me?

Slowly recovering Goldroom is back on the production-front with a dreamy remix to Jai Wolf’s ‘Starlight’. I hope he is back soon touring the Americas with his band but for now, this amazing remix is doing well and should be played where the sun is up and where cold drinks are served.

Supernatet is truly a diamond in the rough. Uppsala seams to be a hotbed for producers of nu-disco and synthpop since Tobtok hails from the very same town even though his sound changed significantly in the last years towards mainstream. Anyway, all I wanted is to put out the word about the new hero in town. Supernatet that is. Remember the name!

While waiting for the upcoming EP of the bay-area funk-maestro, monsieur LeBlanc does chip in this remix to dash some waiting-time. A greatly done approach on Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’. Sexy Summer-vibes guaranteed!

This is it for today! Check back soon for more updates here on NDYD!