It’s been a great week for disco, chalked full of new releases. So I had no choice but to roundup the best of the best and share that way you can get down and boogie on hump day.

Birdee recently dropped this disco bomb, and boy does this remind me of the classics. A bassline that makes me want to walk right on down to Studio 54. Vocalist Chloe Amber modernizes the track with her soft silky vocals, and man does it make us sweat.

Now, unless you have been living under a rock. I am sure you have already heard the new hit Moullinex dropped recently, titled “Love Love Love”. But a few days ago we got a nice surprise with a small compact 2 track remix EP. Veteran artists Les Loups & Switchdance drop their own taste into an already great track.

Italian funk master Stereocool is back with a huge remix from disco group Televisor. Sexy saxaphones, swinging synths, everything you need for a proper get down. Check out the remix below and make sure you have plenty of room to get your dance on.

Longtime staple LIFELIKE has been quite active lately. A few weeks ago he dropped something that makes you feel so nostalgic. A tune that harks back to the past, blending the sounds of early 2000s french house, and the flagship synths that made his tracks like “So Electric” a retro hit. Chillout and take a look back with his new tune Pacific Palisades, and oh, an unofficial remix has already dropped for it as well that touches it up with a more upbeat groove, put out by our resident homie Dynamique. Find both tracks below.

We cap off our roundup with this great mix of a classic everyone has been buzzing about this week. With the discovery of the Daft Punk hit “Fresh” sample, it was only a matter of time before someone put it to good use. Luckily it was producer Justin Faust, who revitalized the track and brought back one of our favorites.